DM Bowman

Transportation Firm answers their just-in-time delivery requirement by using Silo Inventory Information System

Customer service has played a primary role for D.M. Bowman since Donald Bowman founded the transportation firm in 1959. Today the Williamsport, MD business has expanded across North America with additional interests in warehousing and real es­tate. In addition to a large fleet of flatbed and van trailers, there are 50 pneumatic tank trailers and 8 asphalt tankers active around the clock. The bulk division operations contribute ap­proximately $9 million in annual revenue by hauling material to manufacturers of roofing products, dry wall and paint.


"Manufacturers are in need of a bulk transportation company that can answer their just-in-time delivery requirements", says Vince Alvey, Regional Sales Manager for D.M. Bowman. "Our services allow us to be an extension of their processes". D.M. Bowman must ensure that talc and lime from New England is hauled to a roofing manufacturer in Maryland on a just-in­time basis.


D.M. Bowman monitors their customer's product supply so that manufacturers can reduce unnecessary inventory. Dispatchers are based in Frederick, Maryland where all bulk operations are coordinated. Drivers receive their orders via interactive voice response system or Qualcomm and are dis­patched based on the customer's just-in-time delivery requirements.


One of the many clients that D.M. Bowman monitors and sup-plies is GAF Corporation, Baltimore, MD. GAF Corporation has limestone silos that are instrumented with a KM ORB Informa­tion System. KM employs bolt-on strain gauge technology to weigh the silos and provide inventory information to D.M. Bowman. The strain gauges are mounted on the inside and outside of the silo skirt to measure the deflection of the skirt when under load. The sensors provide a mV output that is converted into weight data via a controller that is typically installed in a safe area. Installation of the bolt-on strain gauges does not disturb pro­duction and takes less than one day per silo for complete installation and calibration. Using the ORB In-formation System, the weight information from these silos is available to D.M. Bowman personnel who have the ap­propriate user login and passwords. ORB technology al? lows for data from each site to be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet or SAP system. In addition, trends and graphs can be generated for each site. The ORB Informa­tion System logs the silo weight data 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the server is updated approximately ev­ery 30 minutes. High and low level alarms, as well as rate of change alarms, are programmed in, to alert the appro­priate D.M. Bowman personnel to take the correct action. Bob Cianelli, Chief Information Officer, likes the "user-friendly" simplicity of the KM equipment. "You do not need to be a programmer to calibrate the KM equipment. Also, I know I can count on KM's Customer Service Depart­ment, Tech Central. Not many vendors provide me with their home phone numbers like KM does". Dave Wine, VP of Sales and Marketing, views the KM Infor­mation System as a competitive advantage that allows D.M. Bowman to leverage technology to offer superior customer service. Some tractors in their bulk division are also equipped with Qualcomm satellite and communication tracking systems.

Other options available from KM's Tech Central provide remote calibration from the KM Information System serv­ers and Lifeline Maintenance services which monitor the health and welfare of the systems via on-line access. KM's Lifeline Maintenance service identifies potential problems and remotely repairs parameters before the system can fail. If necessary, KM Tech Central personnel can be reached any time, any day of the week.

Contact KM at 91-40-2712 3013 or visit online at to learn more about how KM's ORB Technology can ensure your customer's receive the same World Class service as provided to D.M. Bowman Com­pany.