Weigh bridges

Kmal make weighbridges suitable for all environments and requirements, ranging in length from 6 to over 40 metres, both pit and surface mounted. Reasons to invest in a kmal weighbridge:

  • Protected against impact and kinetic forces
  • Longevity, strength and reliability
  • In-house design, development and manufacture
  • Complete customised solutions
  • Available in transportable option
  • Unmanned and remotely controlled weighbridges
  • Comprehensive programme of maintenance contracts

In-Motion weighing systems

Our in-motion weighing systems are installed in the railway track and can be configured to weigh the train in-motion as the car passes over the in-motion weighing system.

Our in-motion weighing systems are designed for portable or permanent installations, delivering accurate weights both dynamically or statically. No other in motion weighing systems in the market offer this level of portability and accuracy. Weigh rail cars dynamically in motion, or statically, depending on your operation's weighing processes.

Our in-motion weighing systems are built from the highest quality grade materials to provide exceptional service life in the harshest of environments. Designed to withstand moisture, mud, debris, and other elements that can corrode a scale over time, our weighing systems can last several years with no signs of depreciation.

Weighing scales

KMAL Manufactures completes range of Personal & industrial weighing scales & are known for reliability, accuracy and value for money.